Friday, December 15, 2006

Porter Joseph Batzdorfer

He is here, he is amazing, life is good.


mel said...

Welcome, Porter!

May you grow up to be healthy, happy, and a lover of good music.

AaronB said...

Thanks for the kind words Mel. As far as uploading your files, here is some advice. If you have a PC you have to create a zip file. If you have a mac(I have one), you have to archive the file...put all the songs in one folder first, then create either of these. Let me know what works, or if you have other questions on how. Hope you dig the John Lewis.

Mama Crane said...

Aww, congratulations!!!

strangefruit said...

You're a lucky man, AaronB. A beautiful child and a love of off-center music. You will never be bored: what a blessing!