Sunday, December 31, 2006

A.B. Skhy:Ramblin' on

This is an out of print psych gem. Produced by Kim Fowley and released on MGM in 1970. This is their 2nd and much harder to find album. Lot's of solid playing throughout with a some nice drum breaks and excellent vocals. The last track is a dedication to Gabor Szabo. I highly encourage you to check this one out, you will not find it cheap anywhere, if at all. Enjoy

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Claude said...

Nice post! Been lookin' out for this one for awhile. Grew up in SF Bay Area, and saw them live a couple of times, probably at the Fillmore.

Scott said...

I remember the 1st LP- it was really good. Had no idea they even made a 2nd.
thanks for the post.

toober said...

This is what the band in Almost Famous should have sounded like - real music.