Monday, December 4, 2006

Introducing....The Four King Cousins

Very groovy work from the Four King Cousins -- a sweet quartet of lovely voices peeled off of the larger King Family ensemble, singing here in a spare and syncopated groove with lots of late 60s Capitol touches! Maestro Lex De Azevedo produced, arranged, and conducted -- and the album's got a really unified sound that links together harmonies from Sunshine Pop and a bit of the loping styles that were showing up in mainstream easy at the time -- a sublime blend of vocals and lightly snapping rhythms that's totally outta site! All tracks are covers, but done in really wonderful versions. Review taken from

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tabbyjill said...

There seems to be a problem with this link (I've tried over a couple of hours on two computers). I just get...
"Fatal error: Too many connections in /home2/z08zupl/public_html/connect/db_con.php on line 6"

Dave (using Jilly's account to post)