Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The 13th Floor Elevators

Okay, this isn't a vinyl version of the 13th Floor Elevators 1966 release on International Artists, but a limited CD release on Sunspots....circa 2000.....only 1,500 available. I thought I would break my vinyl only rules because of the importance of this album. The 13th Floor Elevators may be the inventors of psychedelic rock as we know it. This predates all the commotion the genre stirred up in the later 60's. Trippy would be the best word to describe this S/T release and I'm sure recreational drugs were in heavy use during the making of this record. A very strong effort worth listening to.....under the influence is your choice or not.

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Mama Crane said...

Yeah, the 13th Floor Elevators were one of the biggest LSD-using bands. Their lead guitarist Erickson, only 17 years old, ended up in an asylum for the criminally insane! He was released some years later.
I love this band, they have to be one of my favourites!

SonicBlu said...

This is a sensational album...there is only one thing. Track 04 is supposed to be Reverberation (Doubt), but for some reason, it's been switched with 1967's "She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) off the Easter Everywhere album.