Friday, August 10, 2007

The New Apocalypse:Stainless Soul

I'm having a hard time finding much info on this LP. I can tell you it's on MTA from 1967 and one hell of a funk gem. It's got breaks, some real nice organ, funky basslines and horn stabs. From what I gather it's a bit of a rare album. As always recorded from vinyl, but not too much extra noise on this copy. You will really enjoy this album, solid all the way through.

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Mephisto said...


I've been promoting your blog on Totally Fuzzy over the last weeks, would you mind linking back to us in return?


PS : search for your URL (link) and you'll see the posts. You're in my Thursday list ;)

Slim Jenkins said...


been lookin for this one a minute or two. Much thanks, and I love your site. check out mine:


anyathar said...

thanks - sounds good, from your description.

bobhowe said...

Mike Meros (Beach Boys) and his brothers plus George Massenburg apparently were the main people on this. Quote from his site "The New Apocalypse ... (that included myself and three brothers) recorded an album in Baltimore when I was still a teenager, with George Massenburg (Linda Ronstadt, Little Feat, Earth, Wind and Fire, etc.) and secured a deal with Decca Records in New York for its release and distribution in the late '60's." Other groups came and went, and I decided to pursue a degree in piano and music theory at the University of Maryland, graduating with honors.

Gary said...

I grew up across the street from Greg Novik, a founder of The new Apocalypse. We grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. His mother was an accomplished concert pianist. I would go over to his house and watch the early band practice. He is still involved in some ways in music and is the owner of Greg's Bagels in Baltimore, Maryland. Look him up.

Chris said...

Hey, good to know some folks know of this. My uncle played bass for the band, and my knowledge of this album is solely because my mom has it on vinyl. IIRC they were in Baltimore in the late 60's, and having heard the album, I can tell you: it's some late 60's funk.

Christopher Weber said...

Any chance of a re-up? Would be most appreciated. What a record, and hard to find.