Monday, January 22, 2007

The Great Society With Grace Slick

"Conspicuous Only In It's Absence" was recorded live at the Matrix Club in 1966 before The Great Society broke up, but was released after the fact. I believe this is the earliest version of "Somebody to Love", before it blew up in 67 with Grace Slick's new band.....Jefferson Airplane.

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Jason Myers said...

Isn't it weird that she actually used to be hot? Awesome blog!!

-Jason Myers

alvega said...

Yes she used to... at least we all thought so.
Good luck with the blog and j.m with what he knows.

Elly said...

Aaron- are you hiring out as a DJ these days? I went to Chelsea High with you and am getting married next May 24 (Memorial Day Weekend). Are you available and interested in managing the music at the reception?

- Elly Wheeler (
Eli Morrel-Samuels: groom (